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In honor of Wonder Con starting tomorrow at the Anaheim Convention Center, I wanted to highlight Star Wars in the Classroom, “a website for educators and fans alike that provides resources for transdisciplinary teaching and learning with the Star Wars saga. For nearly thirty years, our team has been integrating the Star Wars saga into history, English/Language Arts, and science classes at the middle school and high school levels. From studies in mythology, history, philosophy and the arts, to hands-on experiments in physics and engineering, we spark learning and the imagination by providing engaging and relevant experiences for students of all ages inspired by the captivating characters and stories from the Star Wars universe.”

Star Wars is near and dear to my heart. I have watched Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi countless times as a child and as an adult and now with my own kids. I love the idea of educational resources integrated with the Star Wars saga and wonder if kids enjoy learning more. Do teachers enjoy teaching more?

I’m curious if any teachers out there have used these resources. Please share stories of your experiences or your students’ reactions to materials from Star Wars in the Classroom. Look forward to your comments. Thanks so much!

And if you haven’t seen the movies, I highly recommend them, especially Star Wars (episode IV), Empire Strikes Back (episode V) and Return of the Jedi (episode VI).


I was lost when I got to Crescenta Valley High School as a 9th grader. My friends from junior high wanted to be popular. They soon realized hanging out with me was not going to get them there. I didn’t have any real friends, only girls I stood next to during snack and ate with during lunch so I would not feel like a loner. My grades suffered. I got my first and only D in typing (yes, typing was a class in the late 1980s) because I was chronically tardy. I was not connected to anyone at school and drifting into invisibility.

Then journalism happened my junior year. Because I thought I needed an extracurricular activity for college applications, I applied and was accepted to be part of the journalism staff. It was a yearlong class and every two weeks, we wrote all the articles and literally cut and pasted together the school newspaper. My life changed after joining journalism.

Yam (short for Ms. Yamaguchi) set high standards for good writing and she treated us like people…not teenagers. She told us stories about her life and she knew each of our stories as individuals. If there was a love crisis or family drama, we told Yam. I ate lunch in the journalism room, I stayed hours and hours after school in that room especially if we were under deadline. I was part of a team. Many classmates became good friends, and together we produced a real product every two weeks. I learned to appreciate working hard and feeling proud of what we accomplished. Read the rest of this entry »

My last post was about getting others to pay for what you want to do and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is a genius example. Think fun, theme-based storefront with secret room dedicated to supporting young people to become stronger writers. If you buy a cape, secret identity, or other vital superhero supplies, you help pay for students to receive free drop-in tutoring, field trips, after-school workshops, and assistance with student publications. The nonprofit 826NYC is the brains behind this idea with the mission “to support students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to help teachers inspire their students to write.”

Awesome! During our last trip to New York City, my husband and I had to make a special trip to Brooklyn just to see this place for ourselves. We both are fans of superhero films, TV shows, and comic books (husband, not me) so we were giddy to go on this field trip. Plus, I am a sucker for innovative ways to inspire students to learn.

Yes, that’s me wearing my blue cape in the Capery so I could test impact of wind on my new accessory. Before purchasing my superhero supplies, I had to take the Vow of Heroism. For superhero fans, this store is so worth a visit just for the fun, clever stuff.

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