My last post was about getting others to pay for what you want to do and the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is a genius example. Think fun, theme-based storefront with secret room dedicated to supporting young people to become stronger writers. If you buy a cape, secret identity, or other vital superhero supplies, you help pay for students to receive free drop-in tutoring, field trips, after-school workshops, and assistance with student publications. The nonprofit 826NYC is the brains behind this idea with the mission “to support students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to help teachers inspire their students to write.”

Awesome! During our last trip to New York City, my husband and I had to make a special trip to Brooklyn just to see this place for ourselves. We both are fans of superhero films, TV shows, and comic books (husband, not me) so we were giddy to go on this field trip. Plus, I am a sucker for innovative ways to inspire students to learn.

Yes, that’s me wearing my blue cape in the Capery so I could test impact of wind on my new accessory. Before purchasing my superhero supplies, I had to take the Vow of Heroism. For superhero fans, this store is so worth a visit just for the fun, clever stuff.

Below the Lair sign is a swinging bookshelf which leads into the writing lab. The volunteers gave us a tour of the lab so I could take some pics. After seeing the writing lab, we had to buy a sample of the students’ work.

We bought  The 826NYC Review, a collection of student work from the writing lab and the five boroughs of NYC, which also included a DVD with feature films, music video, TV pilot, among other examples of student voices. I left wishing we had one of these inspiring and fun places in every neighborhood to support students. The picture below is of student publications featured in the writing lab.

The original 826 is located at 826 Valencia St. in San Francisco. Next time I am in the Bay Area, I’m definitely visiting. In the meantime, I visited their website which is currently featuring the upcoming 8/26 day Write-a-Thon where students write for 8 hours and 26 minutes and all proceeds fund free programming at 826 Valencia.

And I am curious about what it takes to build an 826 in my community. Just happens there is a 2-day seminar to learn more about how to develop a community nonprofit at the 826 National 101 Seminar. It’s $500 to attend and the dates are October 21 and 22nd in San Francisco. I’d like to attend this seminar. Now I need to find someone to pay for me to go.

For me, 826NYC along with the other 826s are inspired examples of getting others to pay for what you want to do.